Each basic visit is 20-30 minutes and includes providing your pet with food, water, exercise and play.  The visits are tailored to suit the needs of your pets and the customized care you request.

DOG (includes walk if requested)                                          $20.00
     Each additional dog                                              $ 3.00
     Cat (at same visit with dog)                                  $ 2.00

CAT (includes basic litter box care)                                     $20.00
     Each additional cat                                              $ 2.00
      Each additional litterbox                                     $ 2.00

Each visit also includes bringing in the mail and newspapers and setting out trash cans and recycle bins as needed.

E.g., rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, turtles,
fish, snakes, birds, farm critters, etc.               Priced per household 

* A one time $15.00 trip charge may be added for an instructional visit or to pick up a key.
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