Pet sitting for HORSES is special and differs from all other pet care. Please call for additional information.

First Horse - feed, water, hay, put in barn or turn out             $23.00
Each Additional Horse                                                              $ 5.00
        Barn Maintenance - pick stalls (per stall)                           $ 5.00
        Barn Cats - feed and water                                          No Charge

Additional household pets at same visit with horses:  

      Dogs - feed, water, exercise in yard, play (per dog)             $ 3.00
      Cats - inc. clean litter box (per cat)                                     $ 2.00

Other pets, e.g. farm critters, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, turtles, fish, snakes, birds, etc. priced per household.

Vet/Farrier assistance available.

* A one time $15.00 trip charge may be added for an instructional visit or to pick up a key

* There may be an additional mileage charge if trip is over 20 miles one way
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